The Ultimate SEO Checklist to Boost Your Web Traffic

Running a successful business is already complicated enough without having to worry about SEO. You know it’s important, but since it’s always changing it’s hard to keep up with it.

It’s also difficult when the business owner is already overwhelmed with too many seemingly endless but necessary tasks. Since SEO isn’t going away, you’ll have to learn it. To help you out, we’ve developed this SEO checklist.

Research Should Be On Every SEO Checklist

Before you take any action, do some research. It will help you avoid common mistakes so you get it right the first time. You’ll also have a much clearer idea of what needs to be done and whether or not PPC will be needed in addition to SEO.

You can research your competition, keywords, and current trends in your market. But this is also an opportunity to see what information is out there about your business and where.

More importantly, you’ll find out what information is missing. Don’t forget to check out your own website to see what’s missing like meta tags or backlinks that don’t work.

Clear Out the Clutter

If you’ve had your website for awhile, there’s bound to be some clutter accumulated. So clear it out. Here’s where you’ll find the most clutter:

  • Outdated blog posts
  • E-commerce pages with zero sales
  • Old service pages
  • WordPress category and tag pages

Be Found Easily

How are you currently being found? Using Google Search Console do a quick scan on your site. Here’s what it’s looking for:

  • Crawlers are reaching all your pages
  • All your pages have quality content
  • There are no broken links or pages
  • There is no duplicate content

But you won’t be done there, now you need to check if your content is available to all audiences using all types of devices and browsers. Next check to make sure your pages are loading quickly.

Don’t Forget Off-Page SEO

A lot of the work you’re doing will be geared towards updating your website so that it’s clean, easy to navigate, and interesting. But your SEO checklist should also include off-page SEO section. Because there’s a lot you can do off-page, like:

  • Have a social media presence
  • Join relevant online groups
  • Build broken links
  • Guest post on influencers websites
  • Join a local Chamber of Commerce or other networking groups
  • Guest podcast
  • Contribute your expert opinions on sites like Reddit

Track Your Progress

Take a look at your online numbers. Tracking your progress can tell you a lot about what’s working and what isn’t. It will save you a lot of time and frustration as well.

Here’s how to track your success:

  • Web analytics. Helps you evaluate the performance of your site.
  • Uptime tracking. If you’re an e-commerce site, you need to know your website is working correctly at all times.

Plan for the Future

Any successful business person plans for the future so they can take action once it arrives. Your SEO checklist should definitely include these:

  • Set up a brand alert. Be the first to know when someone says something about your brand online. Whether it’s good or bad, you can take appropriate action immediately.
  • Set up profiles. Set up a profile anywhere you can. Whether you use it now, in the future, or never, it’s good to get your company’s name out there.

There’s a lot to check off on your SEO checklist and sometimes it’s easier to work with a team of dedicated marketing professionals to help you plan and strategize.

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