Foolproof Ways to Fire Up Your Inbound and Outbound Marketing

To the untrained eye, digital marketing can look like a big creative world of guess and check.

This can look like you have to write a clever blog one day, then promote it on Instagram the next. This can have a positive effect, but many people are failing to see presentations still have value and territory management isn’t just for door-to-door businesses.

A seasoned marketing team knows you need a little bit of everything, though.

The right team creates a unique strategy based on both inbound and outbound marketing to fill your needs.

They look over industry data, consumer behavior, and brand values to tailor your approach.

Here’s why this works and what you can do to improve your online presence.

Inbound and Outbound Marketing: Why You Need Both

Inbound marketing is the art of bringing people to you.

Outbound marketing is a direct communication with pre-determined leads.

The use of both keeps the conversation going from start to finish.

You might catch the interest of someone looking for similar products through inbound marketing. But, it could take the extra push of an email campaign (outbound) to keep them moving through the purchase cycle.

Successful online campaigns aren’t a question of using one or the other. They rely on a healthy mix of both.

Below are a few inbound and outbound tools to consider using in your next round of marketing plans.

Top Inbound Strategies


Blogging is the best way to talk to your consumers in a way that feels like you aren’t trying to sell something.

Instead, a user sees a blog as a way to get to know you or stay on top of industry trends.

They view your writing as expert advice.

This increases brand awareness, recognition, and loyalty — all of which come together to boost conversions. Bonus points if you treat your blog as an opportunity to use link building, or to start guest blogging.

Social Media

Another way to hook consumers is through social media.

Social media is the trailer for a movie you haven’t seen. It can sum up what you wrote on your blog in a unique, entertaining way.

You can be yourself on social.

A live Instagram feed isn’t some perfectly-planned video made for your landing page. Similarly, a witty Tweet doesn’t have to be 100% on-brand like site content should be.

Top Outbound Strategies


The best way to create content for the inbound strategies mentioned above is to keep keywords in mind. Use industry phrases in your blogs and sprinkle them into social captions.

Then, take it an extra step and bid on the keywords with the most opportunity for your business.

It pays to put money into search, beyond the benefits of impressions.

PPC campaigns come with built-in analytics and data reports to help understand your audience. You can track success in real-time and tweak campaigns as you go for the best use of your bucks.


Even though digital matters more than ever, in-person presentations aren’t dead.

If you’re in the B2B industry, at some point you’ll probably be meeting face-to-face with your client. Why not make the meeting more interesting?

Prezi can do just that.

This is an engaging platform to display all the important takeaways as you go through previous campaigns and success rates. It makes the presentation feel less like a lecture and more like a crafted conversation.

Build Your Best Marketing

There’s an endless amount of inbound and outbound marketing platforms available for you to take advantage of.

But, it can be hard to know where to start or to figure out what’s working.

Thankfully, we can make the process much less complicated.

Contact us today to talk about the best strategies for your business.

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