Demand Generation

Sure, you want to generate leads and close deals. But how do you get those leads? And once you close a deal, how do you keep your clients or customers engaged and coming back for more?

That’s where demand generation comes in, helping you raise awareness of your products and services in ways that cultivate interest and inspire action.

Many demand generation programs focus on a one-time sale — an approach that only gets you so far. At Chief Marketing, we take a broader yet more nuanced approach to demand generation that nurtures audiences at every level of the sales funnel, from anonymous visitors to leads, opportunities, and on through to your existing customer base for repeat purchases, year-over-year loyalty, upselling, and cross-selling. Through a mix of strategic planning, remarkable content, marketing technology, and tactics like email drip campaigns custom-made for specific audience segments, we build relationships that reach people where they’re at and nudge them where they need to go.

SEO lead generation


We start with an in-depth assessment of your business objectives, current marketing efforts, clients and customers, sales processes, marketing technology, metrics and analytics, and more. Next, we conduct research on your industry and organization, competitors, and influencers — and pool the expertise of our marketing technologists, strategists, and content team to create a demand generation plan with:

  • Immediate, one-year, and long-term goals
  • An analysis of your target audiences (broken down by segment)
  • Competitive and aspirational benchmarking
  • Creation and structuring of campaign ideas
  • Sales and marketing alignment on lead definition and lead processes
  • Recommendations for the number, type, and role of touches for lead nurturing; lead qualification scoring, management, and routing; and conversion point analysis
  • Identification of content ideas, types, channels, and tactics
  • Identification of key performance indicators (KPIs) for each stage of the marketing funnel and how to measure KPIs
  • Marketing Assessment
  • Social Media Assessment
  • Website Assessment
  • Content Assessment
  • SEO Assessment

Chief Marketing Strategy and consulting


Planning is essential, but so is putting the plan into action. When it comes to demand generation, there are a lot of moving parts. After the plan is created, we can drive your demand generation programs by partnering with you to execute many or all of the plan elements, from content planning, creation, and distribution to marketing automation set up, support, and management.

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