The Benefits of Consistent Content Analysis

Your business may be producing large amounts of content as part of your winning inbound marketing strategy. That’s great. But, how often do you analyze that content?

Many businesses don’t realize the benefits of consistent content analysis. It’s crucial for successful marketing.

In fact, consistent content analysis can’t be ignored and should be a key part of your strategy for success. Here’s why.

Modernizing your Marketing Research

Inbound marketing includes all your strategies for drawing customers to your products and services. Content analysis should be an important part of that strategy.

The most effective marketers know content analysis is king. It allows you to closely examine the content published through whatever marketing channels you may be using.

Content analysis allows you to recognize trends, refine your marketing strategies, and employ specific strategies for success. It eliminates much of the guesswork.

Thorough content analysis helps you to identify gaps in your content as well as what to prioritize and eliminate.

Your content should be guided by research and real data – not guesswork. With effective and strategic content analysis, your odds for a winning marketing strategy increase exponentially.

Knowing your Audience

Knowing and understanding your audience is vital for your business. You want to know how they seek information, how they decide on products and brands, and what influences their purchases.

This type of research must include both qualitative and quantitative research. Some areas to consider would be customer surveys and interviews, brand immersion, keyword research, and user generated content analysis.

Using these tactics can help you better understand your customer base, their buyers’ journies, and their purchasing patterns.

Assessing Trends

A trends assessment of the most engaging content you produce can help you determine what content will truly resonate with your audience.

Research tactics such as angle identification, question analysis, sub topic analysis, and sentiment analysis can be used for trend analysis.

You want to know what the audience is responding to, which questions are being answered, and why people are or aren’t reacting to your content.

Assessing Media

Do you know who the influencers are in your space? You should. A media assessment can help you understand how to create content that will appeal to your audience. And, it can help you know where to amplify your message.

A media assessment can include analysis of social influencers, paid media, social engagement, industry experts, and industry publications.

Knowing the channels where content from your industry performs well gives you a better chance of reaching your targeted audience.

Assessing the Competition

It’s your goal to outshine the competition. A competitive assessment can be beneficial for identifying lucrative opportunities your competition is missing.

This type of assessment can include SEO evaluation, content inventory, sentiment analysis, and a site and navigation audit.

Conducting a competitive assessment helps you understand the competition and then maximize your opportunities for content marketing growth.

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